The Tryout has been organized by our Colombian Agent Daniel Damico Tallini together with the Fundación Real FC,  from Monday 18 to Friday 22 November 2019 on the XColi football fields. The event was composed by 1 training per day and, each player spent about 10 hours with our coach Andrea Cappelletti from Italy and helped by Felipe Zapata Velasquez, Carlos Santiago Cruz Avila (2 boys who have been 3 years in our Academy in Italy, so they know very well the Italian methodology and the way to train) and Columbo Iriarte.

Almost 50 Players have taken part to the Tryout, aged from 12 to 18, and they got the attention of many parents, friends, and many other people.

The 2 Tryout winners are:

FABIAN GARZON LAITON (first place) and BENJAMIN VELEZ (second place).

They will have the chance to come to the official Tryout of the Paolo Rossi Academy which will take place in 2020 in Italy.

The awards ceremony took place on Saturday 23rd in front of Tryout participants and other people.

However, other guys also stood out and showed off during Tryout week. For them there will be a chance to come to Tryout in Italy next year. By January 2020 an official invitation will arrive them directly by the Academy and then, we will communicate their names on our website and social media.

For the group of younger players, who for their age do not have the possibility yet to do Tryout in Italy and take part to the Academy (they must be at least 14 for Italians and Europeans, 15 for non-Europeans), there will be the same the chance to come 1 week in Italy, to train with our Professional Coaches and do matches against Italian teams of their age.

16 players were selected to make 1 team and come in 2020. By the end of January 2020, an official invitation will also be sent to them and we will communicate the names.


Thank you all.

The Paolo Rossi Academy Staff

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