My mission, the golden chance.

I want to give young boys what life has given to me, sharing with them professionalism and success.
I want to meet them and carry out a project together:

A soccer academy named after me
La mia missione: Paolo Rossi, pallone d'oro 1982

Paolo Rossi, Golden Ball 1982.

Paolo Rossi has never let his passion go and has never given up dreaming.
At 57, another dream has come true: the ‘Paolo Rossi Academy’.

“It had been a long time I had the wish to do something for young boys. I left my home in Prato, Italy, at 16 to pursue my Dream. Now I wish that other young boys had their own opportunity, enabling them to live the same fairy tale I lived. I hope I will find another Pablito, or train a new one, as much as I was. Apart from anything else, it is great to grow up children in a certain way, following given values. Walking side by side”.

“I want to teach young people sound sports and life values: determination, courage, loyalty, respect for others, fair play. I want to teach young boys to play soccer with commitment, passion, spirit of sacrifice, but also with aims to achieve. Giving and having fun. I am willing to give young boys what life has given to me. I want to meet them one by one and make a project grow with them, make their dreams come true. We must never give up pursuing our dreams, as it’s the only way to make them true”.


“My life changed overnight. Thanks to soccer I didn’t remain an ordinary Paolo Rossi. Since 11th July 1982 I have been the carrasco of Brazil, the man who bent the tremendous team of Falcao, Zico, Socrates and Cerezo”.  The man that Pelè, observing him, as a young footballer, play in the 1978 World Cup, said: ”Great, he equals Brazil!”.

You too, experience the Dream right now. Don’t waste your time