The Team

Our TEAM consists of highly professional personnel, both for athletic and technical training skills (such as, athletic trainers, motivational experts). In addition, the Paolo Rossi Academy offers a number of specialists (such as general practitioners, nutritionists, orthopedists, dermatologists, physiotherapists, massage therapists) who, if needed, are available to check the students and take care of them, still under our supervision and attention. Moreover, we have translators of all languages and tutors. The young athletes will feel at home and for any need they will be able to talk and get support from the Paolo Rossi Academy staff, who promptly will do their best to solve any problem, even the least one

Our team

Professionalism and experience

Paolo Rossi Founder

Born in Italy on 23/09/1956

Federica Cappelletti Communication And Marketing Manager

Born in Italy on 10/06/1972

Andrea Cappelletti Project Manager and Coach

Born in Italy on 10/06/1972

Diego Roccaforte Coach

Born in Italy on 29/01/1989

Fabrizio Brunori Goalkeepers coach

Born in Italy on 20/11/1961

Silvia Capponi Italian language teacher

Born in Italy on 19 gennaio 1972

Carlo Manuali Coach

Born in Italy on 02/06/1976

Nicola Moscatello Coach

Born in Italy on 01/01/1980

Jacopo Dozzini Coach

Born in Italy on 05/06/1991