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    If you feel you have a talent for soccer, this is the right time to prove it. This is your big opportunity.

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    Paolo Rossi Academy

    “…determination, courage, loyalty, respect for others, fair play, giving and having fun while living and inspiring overwhelming emotions, as I experienced back in 1982.”

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    Paolo Rossi Academy

    Our academy offers highly educational programs, based on professionals’ growth needs.

Pursue your dream. Choose your program.

Our academy offers highly educational programs, based on the professional athletes’ growth needs.

Annual Course

The “project to identify talents” has been established in order to scout highly gifted young talents.

Team Tour

What is your technical and tactical level worldwide? If you want to find it out take part to this program and take the challenge.

Coaching Course

Different cultures and lifestyles but one only passion: football. Our program can give you the possibility to measure your preparation with trainers coming from all over the world.


The new international tournament in Italy. Join the Paolo Rossi Academy Cup and compare your skills with players from other countries.

Paolo Rossi Academy is well aware of the fact that there are many talented players hidden somewhere in the world!




SI E’ CHIUSO CON SUCCESSO IL PRIMO CAMP DELLA PAOLO ROSSI ACADEMY Si è concluso con successo il primo YOUNG PLAYERS SOCCER CAMP della PAOLO ROSSI ACADEMY, organizzato a Perugia dal 25 al 30 luglio 2108. Allenamenti, divertimento, tecnica, giochi, condivisione, per una settimana all’insegna dello sport e dell’amicizia. Ma anche del fair play, del sorriso e […]

locandina Tryout Lansing

Tryout Lansing July 2018

Try-out LANSING MI July 2018 Paolo Rossi Academy announces its first Tryout in United States of America, in Lansing, the capital of the State of Michigan, from Monday July 16th to Friday July 20th 2018 Paolo Rossi Academy wants to give the opportunity to US players to be seen and evaluated by Italian coaches (with […]

Locandina Tryout Menphis

Try-out Memphis TN July 2018

Try-out MEMPHIS TN July 2018 Another Tryout in United States of America for Paolo Rossi Academy, in Memphis, located in the Southwest of the state of Tennessee, from Monday July 23rd to Friday July 27th 2018. Paolo Rossi Academy wants to give the opportunity to US players to be seen and evaluated by Italian coaches […]

Try-out ELGIN IL July 2018

Try-out ELGIN IL July 2018 Third Tryout date of the United States of America for Paolo Rossi Academy in the city of Elgin, Kane County, in the State of Illinois from Monday 30 July to Friday 03 August 2018. 6-9 PM. Paolo Rossi Academy, in collaboration with Elgin Pumas Soccer Club and Intra Sports Complex, […]

You can find all that at our Academy only.

“Competition has always been in my DNA. But winning is not enough, you need to know how to do it!” (Paolo Rossi).

Photogallery: San Sisto


The Paolo Rossi Academy provides state-of-the-art football pitches and is able to host up to 200 pupils.


Young people coming from al lover the world are striving to make their dream come true. What about you?


Have you browsed all our courses? Ready to take the opportunity you deserve? Application forms and papers.


Secondary school for minors and University for over-18. Even at the Academy the studies are carried on.

Que es una excelente Academia en que ayuda a mejorar a sus jugadores para asi tenerlos en un buen nivel y que ayudan a cumplir el sueño de ser jugador profesional

Diego Alejandro Muñoz Acosta

Es una Academia donde le dan oportunidades a los jugadores que tienen sueños y metas por cumplir. Ayudandolos y formandolos para que logren cumplir esas metas y sueños.

Carlos Santiago Cruz Avila

I think the Academy is good, we can improve our skills and make new friends

Juveni Atef Khairy Youakim

I think that this Academy will give me a better understanding of football and Italian Football. It will help me be a better player on and off the pitch

Luca Mateo Del Giudice

The level of intensity is very good and it is well organized. Coaches are very nice and there to help with anything. Very good to give you a professional environment

Alessandro Fabiano

I think this Academy has good intensity and helps us how to play quicker. Also, this Academy will help us get scouted by professional teams. Also the coaching is great and it will help us improve into a great footballer

Jacob Nicolas Alberto Alves

Es una gran academia, es serio, tiene buenos entrenadores y te da la oportunidad de realizar tu sueño

Antonio Vecchio

The Academy is on a good level, which provides us with a chance to succeed in football. His coaches do a good job for which i thank them

Ismet Kisyo

The Academy is good, the intensity is high and it will help me become a soccer player

Ameer Kinani

The Academy has high intensity and will help me develop and become better

Michael Petitti

Pienso que esta es una buena oportunidad para seguir creciendo y aprendiendo como futbolista y acá puede se abran mas puertas para jugar al fútbol profesional

Felipe Zapata

The Academy is amazing. This is my second year here in Paolo Rossi Academy and I really like it here. The people are nice and help me improve in football

Mann Sharma

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Utmost attention to the health, safety and school studies of the pupils.

Highly reached percentage of background between skills of the athletes and targets achieved

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